Leaving Newgrounds

2009-08-03 21:44:17 by TheOneManBand

Later this week we will be abandoning this account.. Thanks for the support NG. We will be back in the form of kennedy which is the larger group The One Man Band belongs too but it will consist of music from the other kennedy members. So say bye to the one man band on NG but say hello to kennedy.

_peace and love

The One Man Band Performance

2009-07-07 07:00:10 by TheOneManBand

The one man band recently rocked out at the moomia lounge, if you want to see pics, visit our

The One Man Band Performance

We are low on funds

2009-06-30 16:23:05 by TheOneManBand

Hello fellow newgrounders. We are low on funds are in desperate need of any type of help.
Donations will be appreciated.
anyone who donates over 4 dollars will get the album free when it comes out.
We are also selling services
we will engineer your previously recorded track and give it a pro sound you never thought possible.
and also selling verses at 60 dollars a pop. If you wish to donate use the link above. if you wish to buy services private message us.

so to recap

engineering tracks $20 each
Selling verses for $60
And accepting donations**

**People who donate over 4 dollars will receive their album free!!

-thank you

If you dont believe it now

2009-05-20 13:36:49 by TheOneManBand

First we hit you with the number one all time, A slow monday Now we are back on the list with the number 10 all time, Lucid Dreamers . We just want to thank people for voting and listening. :)

Another song on the list, top 12. not our song but Breeze is first verse

We are spreading

2009-05-04 06:32:58 by TheOneManBand

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A lovely fan found this video and reported it to us. This video was made without our knowledge, but it is awesome non the less. We condone people using our songs, this is good. We need more of this.

Coming soon

2008-12-22 19:24:14 by TheOneManBand

For our most recently released tracks "The Rappers Guide To Taking Ova" and "Lucid Dreamers" we shall be making music videos. The rappers guide will be a fully animated effort and will be released on newgrounds (see pic below for art style). I hope when it comes out you will all like it

Coming soon


2008-07-27 23:14:50 by TheOneManBand

I have been getting too many reviews saying i have stole an entire song! I did not in anyway do that. Just because i used a beat that pete rock made does not mean i stole the song. In the rap culture it is very common for people to get on someone elses beat! plain and simple.

also, i would love to put the credits in the song description but i am not allowed to edit it since i recieved over 3000 views already for a slow monday


2008-07-24 15:14:36 by TheOneManBand

A song of ours made number one all time today and i am very excite! Theres no other place to thank people better than here. So thanks NG members, i know hip hop is not very popular in NG but we showing it can be :)


Its been a while

2008-06-01 18:15:01 by TheOneManBand

its been a while since we have come out with a new track. since february. some of you out there may not care but for those who do
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /147864
I welcome ya to le grand prix