We are low on funds

2009-06-30 16:23:05 by TheOneManBand

Hello fellow newgrounders. We are low on funds are in desperate need of any type of help.
Donations will be appreciated.
anyone who donates over 4 dollars will get the album free when it comes out.
We are also selling services
we will engineer your previously recorded track and give it a pro sound you never thought possible.
and also selling verses at 60 dollars a pop. If you wish to donate use the link above. if you wish to buy services private message us.

so to recap

engineering tracks $20 each
Selling verses for $60
And accepting donations**

**People who donate over 4 dollars will receive their album free!!

-thank you


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2009-07-05 17:41:09

Support the TheOneManBand! Their album is fire! It's worth every penny.