Entry #9

Leaving Newgrounds

2009-08-03 21:44:17 by TheOneManBand

Later this week we will be abandoning this account.. Thanks for the support NG. We will be back in the form of kennedy which is the larger group The One Man Band belongs too but it will consist of music from the other kennedy members. So say bye to the one man band on NG but say hello to kennedy.

_peace and love


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2011-01-11 19:24:35

Zero comments? Wtf man has it really been 2 years since I've listened to any of your tracks. That's stupid.

TheOneManBand responds:

Hey man, I just decided to check back on NG to see if anything happened with this account. We have a mixtape out on www.tombmusic.com


2016-05-10 21:29:03

Hey man, you guys still making music? I Can't find you anywhere on the internet. I remember you had that mixtape but the webpage is dead.

TheOneManBand responds:

Hey, Im still rapping.