2008-07-24 15:14:36 by TheOneManBand

A song of ours made number one all time today and i am very excite! Theres no other place to thank people better than here. So thanks NG members, i know hip hop is not very popular in NG but we showing it can be :)


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2008-07-24 15:17:06

kzikzy12 has been here :3


2008-07-24 23:26:19

Dude...... nice music. I'm not much of a hip-hop fan, especially the popularized hip-hop that you'd find on iTunes, but i really like your music. Its a fresh sound that deserves good ranks. Keep it up.

TheOneManBand responds:

thanks man we really appreciate the support


2008-07-26 19:47:54

congratz to youz


2008-07-27 22:58:12

Too bad most of that track wasn't made by you :)

I think it's unfair that you didn't credit the original artists of the track, now users will vote on it thinking that you created the entire song, when you didn't. Which I think is unfair on users who create entirely original songs.

Oh well.

TheOneManBand responds:

actually, read my other news.